Creative Director Art
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Film, Printcampaign, Tito, Vow, W§S

Entwicklung von Print- und Filmkonzepten für die verschiedenen Service-Pakete der Sparkasse.

Development and realisation of a printcampaign and commercials for the differnt sevices provided by the SPARKASSE.

Mr. Tito

First outerspace tourist ever.

Why wait until you are old to accomplish your dreams?
Sparkasse offers financial concepts for young people.

Waldorf & Stadler

Grumpy old men teasing about the Sparkasse concepts for financial independency in career planning.

Eiskratzer - Icescraper

Sparkasse creditcards come with many application possiblities.

Schweigegelübde - Vow of silence

Banking without words - with Sparkasse online banking.