Creative Director Art
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Film, Printcampaign, Tito, Vow, W§S

Entwicklung von Print- und Filmkonzepten für die verschiedenen Service-Pakete der Sparkasse.

Development and realisation of a printcampaign and commercials for the differnt sevices provided by the SPARKASSE.

Baumhaus- Tree House

Baumhaus- Tree House

You are never too young to appreciate owning a home of one's own.

Mr. Tito

First outerspace tourist ever.

Why wait until you are old to accomplish your dreams?
Sparkasse offers financial concepts for young people.

Waldorf & Stadler

Grumpy old men teasing about the Sparkasse concepts for financial independency in career planning.

Eiskratzer - Icescraper

Sparkasse creditcards come with many application possiblities.

Schweigegelübde - Vow of silence

Banking without words - with Sparkasse online banking.